The history of emerald braided bangle bracelet and types of bracelets.

Bracelet or emerald Bangles as it is popularly called is one of the most important accessories in the ancient world, a bracelet is a piece of jewelry that is worn around the wrist. The history of bracelet dates back to the Roman times and its popularity continues today. Bracelets and their association with mysticism is an interesting myth. In a way, the bracelet has relations with diverse cultures around the world had different cultural connections. Bracelet in India is associated with marriage as it is usually worn by married women thus symbolizes marriage; in Rome, the most common bracelet is the coiled rings designed with snakehead ends, this is a symbol of youthful powers of life. Historians and Jewelry experts reveal that the female bracelet is just not about hand protection or fashion but has its origin from male warrior rings and over the time it evolves and becomes one of the major fashion accessories.

What bracelets symbolize?

A bangle bracelet was one of the first fashion statements to be made in jewelry from the earliest times. It is all about different materials being cut and designed to form a bracelet that adorns the wrist and become a beauty object. Other primitive materials that were crafted in bangles and bracelets are dinosaur bone and other malleable stone and materials. The word ‘bangle’ is derived as a result of the bang sounds made when the piece of ornament dangled against a solid surface, such sound is also produced when there are two or more worn on the wrist. Some even say the word Bangle is a combination of two words Bracelet and dangle.

The history of bracelets

Regardless of what the origin is, the modern-day bracelets come in different forms and from all indication it can be clearly noticed that bracelets and bangles have claimed a good spot among fashion jewelry, Bracelet may be created from either silver, gold, silver, copper, pewter or platinum. Most of them are designed with ornate gems such as diamonds or semi-precious stones. They come in different sizes and shapes; it can be a thin size or wide cuff. Bracelet bangle is here to stay and will not go out of fashion anytime soon. Men and Women enjoy wearing them because they glide over the wrist easily and look great whether worn with formal or casual wear.

Emerald Bangle bracelets were worn by Roma women in the old Roman Empire and the other name for it is Gypsies. The women choose from different materials like gold, metal or silver for their bracelets and they often seen wearing several of them on their wrist. In the ancient Egyptian culture prior to the Roman time, men and women used to wear them higher on the arm like a band. The ancient bangle jewelry’s unique designs make them highly valued by antique collectors. Artisans who design beautiful jewelry pieces ultimately make bracelets because they are a common piece of fashion in a jewelry closet.

The history of bracelets: Casual or Formal, Bracelet is a jewelry for all Occasion

Emerand Bangle bracelets match every fashion style from casual to formal and can create a look that goes from stylish sophistication to sporty and lively. Wear a bangle bracelet with a narrow band of silver and gold or the one encrusted with diamonds or other eye-catching stones on a formal outfit. When it comes to bracelets and bangles type that can be worn on a sporty outfit, there is a wide range of bracelets to select from.

The One Piece of Jewelry that’s Difficult To Lose

The one thing that differentiates bangles from any other piece of jewelry is that it’s easy to wear, requires little or no clasping and it’s big enough to know when it falls, however same cannot be said for other pieces of jewelry most important the luxury gems that can get broken or lost without the owner noticing it.

These bracelets are so common they make unforgettable gifts. Bracelets made of precious metals can have anniversary, birth or other special dates engraved on them. Nowadays one of the first present being given to an infant at birth is a tiny bracelet or bangle with special words written on it. These are some of the special piece jewelers keep as regular stock. This special baby gift sometimes serves a means of identification for the baby.


The history of braided bracelets: Should men wear a bracelet?

The answer is yes, there is no rule that forbids men from wearing a bracelet, gone are the days when bracelets and bangles are only worn by women, it has since become a unisex fashion accessory and men that understand fashion never go out without their bracelet. Men that wear bracelets are known to be a lot stylish and fashionable.

Bracelets history: Types of bracelets

Bangle: A bangle is an accessory worn around the wrists primarily by women. It is generally circular in form, and is not flexible, unlike a bracelet. The word bangle stems from the Hindi phrase “bungri” which means “glass.” Bangles are a significant accessory in Indian culture for women. Wearing bangles is customary among married women. Bangles are typically slim in width but alternatives are also available in wider lengths.

Jelly bracelets: This is a fashion trend of the 1980s which has made a return in our contemporary society. These are bracelets made of soft rubber-like material and it comes in a variety which includes transparent, bright colors. Besides being extremely fashionable, the jelly bracelets are extremely inexpensive.

Cuffs: The cuffs are another bracelet type worn around the wrist, fastened with snaps or Velcro, a vintage design. Generally, the cuffs are very wide and usually have bright or eye-catching ornamentation and colors.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet: This is a thin bracelet with channel-set diamonds. The history goes back to 1987, when Chris Evert, the tennis champion of the time, played in the US Open. She wore an elegant, channel-set diamond necklace, which broke down accidentally during the game and that game was stopped to allow Chris to rescue her most cherished diamonds. The incident of the ‘tennis bracelet’ spawned a new name for the object and launched a major trend in jewelry.

Gemstone Bracelets: these are bracelets made from natural gemstones. They provide a magical and vintage feel to every outfit and come in many types and colors.

Braided Bracelets make a wonderful gift and they come in all varieties, style, and colors they can be given to friends and loved ones as a gift, so if someday you decide to go jewelry shopping make sure you buy yourself a nice bracelet that fit your style.

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The history of bracelets

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